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24 Hour Dispatch System

Tumino’s 24-hour Dispatch allows you to outsource the management of your fleet’s breakdown calls in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. Our latest service helps to keep your drivers on the road and helps to keep your costs down. Tumino’s 24-hour Dispatch Center is ready for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we can handle any situation.

Tumino’s has a database of over 1,500 vendors located across the United States so we can assist your drivers no matter where they break down. This database is categorized by location, types of services provided, and hours of operation so we can find exemplary service at the best possible location to assist your driver. And since we are a towing service, we find that our calls are handled better than calls from companies or individuals.

Tumino’s Dispatch will help ensure your drivers get prompt service. And when the job is completed, we report back to you with the outcome. So don’t worry the next time one of your vehicles breaks down far from your terminal. Just call Tumino’s Dispatch and you won’t be at the mercy of a tower that you don’t know – so you won’t wait too long or pay too much for service. One call to Tumino’s does it all, freeing up your valuable time.

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Tumino’s Dispatch service can be tailored to meet your needs to handle breakdown calls:

This service gives you the advantage of Tumino’s experience and reputation in the towing and repair industry.

One Call to Tumino’s Dispatch Center can help you: